GaHIN and the Department of Community Health (DCH) are offering a series of eight webinars in 2021 beginning in January. The topics were selected based upon feedback from respondents to a survey concerning 2020 sessions and top picks for 2021. This year's live webinars will feature onscreen presenters.

You can register for the webinars on the DCH website and also access recordings of past webinars by registering. The 30-minute webinars are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 11:30 AM.


Webinars Available On Demand

COVID-19 – Where We Are Today, What the Future Holds (August 2021)

During this webinar we will examine the progress that has been made in addressing COVID-19 and what the future holds for healthcare providers and their patients. Stay tuned for further details as we see how 2021 unfolds.

Under Attack – Cybersecurity and Health IT (June 2021)

The number of hospitals and other healthcare organizations crippled by cyberattacks continues to rise, with the hackers getting increasingly aggressive – and successful. Phishing campaigns, mishandled health record disposals and sophisticated cyberattacks were behind some of the biggest healthcare data breaches of 2020. Learn what you can do to protect your patient data, ranging from basic staff education to installing sophisticated protection systems. 

The Role of Public Health in Everyday and Extraordinary Times (May 2021)

Public health has been defined as "the science and art of preventing disease,” prolonging life and improving quality of life. During COVID-19 pandemic, public health has taken on greater importance in collecting and disseminating data and addressing the spread of infectious diseases, but the daily functions around education, research and response continue. Hear about how Georgia’s public health agency, the Department of Public Health, is working to keep Georgians healthy.

Telehealth – The Impact, the Opportunities and the Pitfalls (April 2021)

Telehealth had been gradually emerging as an important component in healthcare until COVID-19 struck. Now, rather than a mishmash of conflicting state regulations and reimbursements, there is strong direction being provided on a national level. Learn how practices are using the technology to retain patients and attract new ones. 

It’s Time to Fire Your Fax Machine (March 2021)

GeorgiaDirect secure email messaging is helping practices statewide reduce their use of fax machines, safe administrative time and improve patient privacy. This online email service is not only easy to use, but also HIPAA compliant and available at no charge to authorized providers. GeorgiaDirect offers an ideal way to securely share patient information with providers who are outside your network. 

The New Technology Powering Georgia ConnectedCare (February 2021)

During the first few months of 2021, GaHIN’s core technology will undergo a transformation. Learn about why the change was necessary, the steps in the transition process that may impact you, and what new features and strengths the technology will offer Georgia providers. 

How COVID-19 Has Changed Healthcare Delivery (January 2021)

The medical industry has been uniquely affected by COVID-19, with providers, practices and hospitals challenged to deliver high-quality patient care while protecting their personnel and remaining financially viable. During this webinar you will hear how Grady Health System has adjusted to this new normal. 

Customizing the GaHIN Clinical Viewer and Accessing it Through Gammis (August 2020)

GaHIN’s Clinical Viewer offers access to a wide array of patient information. During this webinar, we’ll review the clinical information that is available and explain how you can re-arrange the tabs and windows to streamline access to the specific information you need. We'll also include an introduction for Medicaid providers on how to access the clinical viewer through the GAMMIS portal. With the GaHIN Clinical Viewer, providers can see current patient information to facilitate clinical decision making and ultimately improve outcomes.

Achieving Interoperability Across the Care Continuum (July 2020)

There are a wide range of care organizations and individuals involved when a patient travels along the care continuum – from the family physician to specialists to the hospital to long-term care to rehab, for example. Learn how care across each stop in the continuum can be improved with shared information, and what you can do to strengthen secure sharing. Our special speakers will be HealtHIE Georgia's Mark Renfro and Knicole Lee.

Maximizing Use of GeorgiaDirect (June 2020)

GeorgiaDirect, GaHIN’s secure messaging service, offers a wealth of benefits to providers. Did you know that GeorgiaDirect can be used to submit information to certain health registries? During this webinar we’ll look at ways you can use GeorgiaDirect to save time, improve patient care and streamline information exchange with other care providers.

What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare and HIEs? (May 2020)

Join us for an informative overview of the challenges - and opportunities - around interoperability and connectivity that face a rapidly changing healthcare industry. Joining us will be special guest Dr. Gary Ozanich, a senior consultant for HealthTech Solutions. Gary has been working with GaHIN on its strategic plan and technology search, and is a nationally known expert in healthcare IT, particularly as it applies to HIEs. Dr. Denise Hines, Executive Director of GaHIN, will also join the webinar to discuss new COVID-19 data initiative with the Department of Public Health.

How COVID-19 Is Changing Healthcare -- Three Things Providers Should Know (April 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic is upending many of the ways medicine is practiced. In light of this, we have asked Tracy M. Field and Jennifer M. Vaughan, both partners at Parker Hudson law firm, to speak on three of the biggest issues around this public health emergency: the new role telehealth, updates to HIPAA privacy rule waivers, and how stringently the government is going to enforce certain regulations – if at all. These two highly regarded attorneys focus on healthcare in their practice and are frequent speakers at industry events.

Balancing Privacy and Access in Digital Health (March 2020)

Health information privacy is strictly protected through HIPAA, but interoperability has shown to improve care quality and reduce costs. How can organizations balance privacy and access, and what steps does GaHIN take to ensure health information security? Learn about this critical balance on a local, state and national level during this 30-minute webinar.

How Grady Is Using GaHIN to Improve Care (February 2020)

Grady Memorial Hospital is the largest hospital in the state of Georgia and the public hospital for the city of Atlanta. It is the fifth-largest public hospital in the United States, as well as one of the busiest Level I trauma centers in the country. Find out how this hospital – one of the first to sign-on to participate in GaHIN – benefits from participation and get tips on how you can add their best practices to your operations

It’s Time to Opt-In – GaHIN’s Lab Reports Service (January 2020)

The more we share, the better the care – that’s the goal behind GaHIN’s new Lab Reports service. Providers can opt-in to have a copy of their patients’ lab data placed into a secure repository that can be accessed by other authorized clinicians. While it only takes a few minutes to sign up, the impact on patient health – and economics – can be substantial. Learn about the new service and how you can participate during this 30-minute webinar.

Accessing GaHIN Through GAMMIS

Medicaid providers throughout Georgia have ready access to electronic patient records through the Clinical Viewer that is available through GAMMIS portal. This webinar will offer an introduction to the clinical viewer and include a demo of features and capabilities. Providers will learn how this tool can help them with accessing the most current available patient information that will facilitate clinical decision making and ultimately may improve the patient encounter experience.

The Benefits of Accessing Lab Results Electronically

The ability to easily access lab results offers providers the ability to improve care quality at the point of care with access to more comprehensive patient data while eliminating unnecessary or duplicate testing and reducing costs.  During this webinar, we will explore GaHIN’s electronic lab results services and the value that you can expect to achieve.

The Role of Medication Fill Data in Measuring Adherence and Preventing Abuse

When providers send a patient out the door with a prescription, it’s difficult to know whether they will actually fill the prescription and take the drug. Data on prescription fills is one piece of information that can shed light on patient adherence as well as potential abuse of certain substances. This webinar will provide an overview of the new GaHIN medication fill history service including the data available for sharing across providers.  The value and benefits that can be achieved from this service by participating providers will be discussed along with the program’s impact on monitoring drug compliance.

How Interoperability Helps Hospitals Improve Patient Care and Care Coordination Across the Continuum of Care

Hear how Sandy Majors, ERH Regional Director of Operations of Physician Practices for Dorminy Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center, Irwin County Hospital and Washington County Regional Medical Center, uses GaHIN to streamline operations and improve patient care. During the webinar she discusses coordination across the continuum of care, benefits achieved in improving outcomes and lowering costs and how the HIE is integrated into their workflow. Ms. Majors has 25 years of experience in medical practice management, with oversight of revenue cycle management, day-to-day operations, ACO participation and population health. She is the current Vice-Chairman of HealtHIE Georgia and a member of the Executive Council of ERH Georgia.