Clinical Viewer Access for Medicaid Providers

The Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS) is connected to the Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN). The clinical viewer within GAMMIS lets authorized providers perform a search to find health data on individual Medicaid patients and access records indexed in GaHIN.

Who Needs the Clinical Viewer?

For Georgia Medicaid healthcare providers who may not have an electronic health record (EHR), the clinical viewer in GAMMIS offers a way to access patient information at the point of care if the provider has internet access. It also is useful for providers who may want a quick view of patient information without logging into their EHR.

Being able to view clinical records through GAMMIS helps to close the patient information gap across care settings by electronically connecting providers to critical patient clinical information. Providers can access relevant, timely patient information to support informed decisions and improved quality care.

Accessing the GAMMIS Clinical Viewer

The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) operates the GAMMIS site, which serves as the primary web portal for Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids® and all related waiver programs administered by DCH’s Medical Assistance Plans Division. 

The GAMMIS portal provides timely communications, data exchange and self-service tools for members and providers with both secure and public access areas. Providers can log in to a secure area of the portal to access claims and remittance information as well as confirmation of Medical Assistance Plan member eligibility.

Providers using GAMMIS can log into their account and complete the registration for the Clinical Viewer. Once this simple process is complete, access to the Clinical Viewer is available as part of the GAMMIS interface and navigation.

The Benefits of the GAMMIS Clinical Viewer

  • One-click connection to GaHIN, the statewide health information exchange (HIE)
  • Closes the patient information gap across care settings by electronically connecting providers
  • Delivers relevant, timely patient information to physicians and other providers to support informed decisions and improved care quality
  • Provides access to more than 30 million individual patient records, even without an EHR
  • Facilitates patient-centered care and coordination among providers
  • Connects providers to data from five state agencies, including Georgia Medicaid and Department of Public Health
  • Increases efficiency by reducing calls and faxes and lowers costs by eliminating duplicate testing

How to Sign Up to Access the Clinical Viewer

  • Log into the GAMMIS system
  • Select 'Providers' from the main menu bar - if you are authorized to see Patient Profiles, you will see it as an option
  • Select 'Patient Profile' from the submenu bar
  • The Patient Profile page will provide access to:
    • GaHIN information
    • Agreement list
    • Acceptance panels
  • View and accept all agreements
  • Click on 'Access to GaHIN'
  • Accept the Disclaimer

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