Admission, Discharge, Transfer Notifications

ADT, which stands for Admission, Discharge and Transfer, are near real-time electronic notifications that a patient has been admitted to or discharged from a hospital or transferred to another facility. The alerts are sent to a patient’s primary care physician and other members of the patient’s care team to help ensure ongoing care coordination and follow-up as well as prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions and other avoidable gaps across the care continuum.

Among organizations receiving ADT Alerts are care management organizations (CMOs), which work with Medicaid members who are inherently among the most under-resourced population in Georgia. With ADT Alerts, the CMO receives member information in real time rather than waiting for claims which may not be received for 30 to 90 days. The alerts allow CMOs to begin coordination with the member, family, facility and community resources for continued care.

Children in foster care are another high-risk population, and ADT alerts for their case workers at the Division of Family and Children Services streamline record transfers while supporting continuity of care.

Health organizations providing data for ADT Alerts include:

  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Grady Health System
  • Harbin Clinic
  • HealtHIE Georgia
  • Wellstar Health System

Health organizations currently receiving ADT Alerts include:

  • Amerigroup
  • CareSource
  • HealtHIE Georgia
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Peach State
  • Somatus