Access to Comprehensive Patient Information for Providers

GaHIN facilitates the use and secure exchange of patient health information so providers have the information they need at the point of care. The result is improved quality of care, better health outcomes and reductions in cost. 

By establishing a trusted network with existing health networks, GaHIN facilitates the delivery of the right health information to the right provider at the right time at the right location – offering Georgians safer, timelier and better care.

Why Participate in GaHIN?
There are many reasons to join GaHIN in addition to being alongside of thousands of fellow physicians who are already members.  Some of the benefits that physicians have experienced include: 

  • Improved patient safety by reducing medication and medical errors
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and handling
  • Access to clinical decision support tools to drive more effective care and treatment
  • Elimination of redundant or unnecessary testing
  • Improved public health reporting and monitoring
  • Improved overall healthcare quality and population outcomes
  • Reduced health-related costs

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