The Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) achieved a major milestone by implementing Carequality.The Carequality interoperability framework enables secure data exchange and seamless care coordination for more than 600,000 care providers, 50,000 clinics, and 4,200 hospitals across the United States.

By connecting various health information networks, Carequality ensures patient data can be shared efficiently and securely across electronic health record (EHR) systems. It serves as a bridge, allowing healthcare providers to access critical information regardless of their specific technology platform through a national-level, common interoperability framework.

The Carequality initiative brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, including EHR vendors, record locator service (RLS) providers, and other types of existing networks from the private sector and government to determine technical and policy agreements to enable data to flow between and among networks, platforms, and geographies.

Benefits to GaHIN Members

  1. Broader Access to Healthcare Organizations: With the implementation of Carequality, GaHIN members gain access to approximately 2,000 additional acute, ambulatory, and post-acute care organizations within Georgia. This expanded network allows healthcare professionals to retrieve essential patient data from various providers to enhance care.
  2. Connectivity with Leading Software Vendors: GaHIN's connection to Carequality opens doors to data from a vast network of healthcare organizations that use solutions from various industry-leading software vendors, including, athenahealth, eClinicalWorks, EPIC, NetSmart, NextGen, PointClickCare, and many others who support Carequality connections including Commonwell Health Alliance for Cerner and Meditech.
  3. Data Availability without the Costs and Complexity: While some Georgia healthcare providers may already have access to Carequality through their EHR, many face barriers due to the cost or technical complexities. As a GaHIN member, healthcare organizations can now access this patient data at no additional cost. This added value encourages broader adoption and participation, benefiting patients and the entire healthcare ecosystem.

GaHIN's Existing Connections

GaHIN connects to Carequality through its eHealth Exchange connection. eHealth Exchange, the original national network, facilitates data exchange between federal agencies and non-federal healthcare organizations. GaHIN’s Carequality and eHealth Exchange connections establish a wider reach across the healthcare ecosystem to enable better exchange of patient data, which leads to improved care coordination, public health outcomes, and overall healthcare for Georgia residents.

The Impact on Patient Care

  1. Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making: GaHIN's expanded connectivity empowers healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions. By accessing data from a diverse network of providers, clinicians can view comprehensive patient histories, lab results, medications, and treatment plans. This holistic view enables better diagnoses, personalized treatment options, and improved patient outcomes.
  2. Streamlined Referrals and Transitions of Care: Carequality's interoperability improves referrals and transitions of care processes. When a patient moves from one healthcare setting to another (e.g., hospital to post-acute care facility), GaHIN-connected providers can access relevant information instantly. This continuity of care reduces errors, prevents duplicate tests, and enhances patient safety.
  3. Public Health Surveillance and Reporting: GaHIN's data exchange capabilities extend beyond individual patient care. Public health agencies can leverage aggregated data to monitor disease outbreaks, track population health trends, and respond promptly to health emergencies. By connecting to Carequality, GaHIN increases its ability to contribute to a robust public health infrastructure.

Get Connected to Improve Patient Outcomes

As GaHIN continues to enhance its connectivity, we invite all Georgia healthcare professionals to explore the benefits of this expanded network. Visit the GaHIN website to learn more about how GaHIN is transforming healthcare through secure data exchange. Together, we can improve patient care, streamline workflows, and build a healthier Georgia.