Special Projects Building a Healthier Georgia

GaHIN is involved with a wide range of projects designed to improve the health of Georgia residents. 

ADT Alerts

ADT Alerts are automatic notifications sent to participating GaHIN members when one of their patients or health plan members has an admission, discharge or transfer (ADT) at a participating hospital in Georgia. The alerts improve communication between the hospitals, care management organizations and Division of Family and Children Services to help maintain the continuity of care for children in:

  • Foster care
  • Adoption process
  • Juvenile Justice

The program continues to expand, bringing in more care management organizations and hospitals.


Multi-Hospital Heart Failure Project Sponsored by World Economic Forum

Atlanta is a center for global health, and that designation is more apt than ever thanks to a new multi-agency project involving GaHIN. Atlanta was chosen by the World Economic Forum as the first U.S. site for their global Value-Based Health Care Initiative. The core tenets of Value-based Health Care (VBHC) revolve around aligning all stakeholders in the healthcare delivery ecosystem towards value delivered to patients. 
Healthcare organizations participating in the Value-Based Health Care Atlanta Heart Failure Project will report non-risk adjusted heart failure outcomes and benchmark risk-adjusted outcomes within patient segments to:

  • Identify relevant variations and determine drivers of variation (including socioeconomic factors)
  • Codify best practices (those that produce the best outcomes)

GaHIN will serve as the Benchmarking Authority for the project, managing a centralized data repository, ensuring data quality, conducting analyses and sharing reports.

Fast Facts - VBHC AHF Project

Population - Class III and IV heart failure patients with a recent inpatient stay at a health facility  
Geography - patients who admit to facilities in Cobb, Fulton and DeKalb
Intervention - evidence-based post-discharge intervention that addresses social determinants of health in addition to healthcare compliance
Project Partners - the 25 signed partners include American Heart Association, ARCHI, City of Atlanta, Atlanta Regional Commission, Morehouse School of Medicine and metro Atlanta hospitals 

American Heart Association’s Get with the Guidelines® Program

Get with the Guidelines are in-hospital programs from the American Heart Association (AHA) focused on quality and care improvement through adherence to the latest treatment guidelines. This well-established program will serve as the data solution for the Value-Based Health Care Atlanta Heart Failure Project.

GaHIN will be the ‘connector’ between participating member hospitals and AHA for data submission and feedback reporting using the AHA reporting tool.

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