Archbold Medical Center



The Archbold Health Information Exchange, ArchHIE, works to improve the efficiency and convenience of communication for patients and physicians in South Georgia and North Florida by electronically connecting patients, providers and health systems across the region.

ArchHIE offers providers secure access to important clinical patient information and provides our health information exchange partners a safer, more efficient and cost-effective way to deliver patient-centered care. Participating providers are able to provide access to a patient portal that allows patients convenient electronic access to personal medical information. ArchHIE facilitates the efforts for providers and clinicians to reach higher standards related to continuity of patient care on a collaborative level, when multiple providers are involved. Particularly for those in rural areas. ArchHIE exchange partners have access to a private and secure exchange of health information, the technology required to meet national meaningful use requirements.


Membership to the ArchHIE Network is now open to all organizations with a need to send and/or receive healthcare information on behalf of patients receiving care in our region.

To GET CONNECTED to ArchHIE, visit or call (229) 227-5150