How GaHIN Works

GaHIN is a nonprofit health information exchange (HIE) that facilitates the use and secure exchange of patient health information so providers have the information they need at the point of care.

The Result?

Improved quality of care, better health outcomes and reductions in cost

By establishing a trusted network with existing health networks, GaHIN facilitates the delivery of the right health information to the right place at the right time—providing the people of Georgia with safer, timelier and better care.

GaHIN Members in Georgia

Members connected to GaHIN include regional HIEs, hospital systems, physician groups and individual practitioners. GaHIN is also connected to five state agencies, several other state HIEs, and the Veterans Affairs Department (VA). See the full list.

GaHIN is a federated network, also called a network of networks. GaHIN indexes patient information, but the actual patient data remains with the original source until it is requested.

State and National Connectivity

GaHIN is connected to the national eHealth Exchange and is also a member of DirectTrust, which enables its members to securely exchange information nationally with other providers who are using Direct. GaHIN’s products, Georgia ConnectedCare and GeorgiaDirect, are free for credentialed, authorized Georgia providers.


Provider organizations that want to participate in Georgia ConnectedCare and be able to query for patient data from within their EHR have three ways to connect through GaHIN:


In addition to connecting Georgia providers,

GaHIN is also successfully connecting to neighboring states to allow the seamless sharing of medical information immediately and securely across state lines.

This new access to medical history and pertinent patient information from the neighboring states can help improve care quality and save time by providing critical information at the point of care during both non-urgent and emergency situations.

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