GeorgiaDirect is an email messaging service that lets providers securely send patient health information, such as referrals and reports, to other authorized healthcare professionals and patients.

Effective, timely communication between care providers has been identified as a key component of providing better patient care while lowering healthcare costs. To facilitate secure communications, Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) offers GeorgiaDirect at no charge to providers.

Using GeorgiaDirect, you can use the Internet to send and receive authenticated, encrypted health information directly with other trusted recipients, both within Georgia and nationwide.

Benefits of GeorgiaDirect include:

  • Eliminates the administrative burden and costs incurred with phone calls, faxes, and couriering paper files
  • Improves coordination of care by securely sending referrals, treatment summaries and discharge instructions
  • Meets exchange requirements for AIU and Meaningful Use

How is GeorgiaDirect used?

  • Referrals between organizations and clinicians
  • Discharge summaries sent to the Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  • Lab reports transmitted to the ordering physician
  • Sending data to public health organizations
  • Prior authorizations for services
  • Transmit care summaries as part of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 View/Download/Transmit requirements
  • Secure patient/provider communications

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