You’ve got a busy life—and keeping track of medical history details and medications isn’t easy. If you’ve got kids and elderly parents, it’s even more complicated. That’s where the Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) can help.

In today’s digital age, most doctors and hospitals are converting their patients’ paper charts and radiology images into electronic versions—and they’re sharing this vital information with other authorized healthcare providers on an “as needed” basis via very secure health information exchanges (HIEs).

GaHIN provides a “network of networks” that connects these HIEs across Georgia and the U.S. Your medical records are available instantly to authorized doctors so they can provide the best treatment. In emergency situations, this is especially critical.

At GaHIN, we’re dedicated to giving you and your family the security, privacy and quality healthcare you deserve.

Learn more about each of these topics below.

How Can GaHIN Help Me?

GaHIN eases the path for sharing electronic records between providers and in different care settings.

GaHIN provides a "network of networks" that connects HIEs across Georgia and the U.S.

Patient Privacy & Security

First and foremost, we will keep your information private and secure. Learn more about the privacy and security protocols GaHIN uses to protect your health information and ensure only authorized healthcare providers can access it.

What is Health IT?

Welcome to the digital age in healthcare. Learn about how information technology will improve healthcare throughout the state and nation, and find definitions to common Health IT terms.

How Can I Participate?

Learn about the benefits of participating in the network. You can learn how to opt out of the network, as well as opt back in at a future date.


Find a list of questions patients have asked us about GaHIN and how it can help the coordination of care in Georgia.