In today’s digital age, most doctors and hospitals are converting their patients’ paper charts and radiology images into electronic versions—and they’re sharing this vital information with other authorized healthcare providers on an “as needed” basis via very secure health information exchanges (HIEs).

The Georgia Health Information Exchange (GaHIN ) provides a “network of networks” that connects these HIEs across Georgia and the U.S. Your medical records are available instantly to authorized doctors so they can provide you and your family with the best treatment. In emergency situations, this is especially critical.

At GaHIN, we’re dedicated to giving you and your family the security, privacy and quality healthcare you deserve.

Why Connect?

GaHIN’s “network of networks” connects healthcare providers and allows them to share patients’ medical data with each other, either through their electronic health records system, or using a highly secure national direct messaging system. Rather than relying on faxes or couriers, your medical records are readily available to trusted healthcare professionals in the network.

There’s a very real benefit to you when healthcare providers share information, including:

  • Better care coordination throughout all members of your care community
  • Improved safety by reducing medication and medical errors
  • Improved patient satisfaction by eliminating duplicate forms and information requests
  • Clinical decision support tools for more effective care and treatment
  • Elimination of redundant or unnecessary testing
  • Improved healthcare quality and outcomes
  • Reduced health-related costs

Can I Join GaHIN?

Only authorized care providers can join GaHIN – there currently is no patient access. This helps protect your information and that of other patients.

However, you can opt out if you do not want your records shared. It means that you will be responsible for transferring information between your care providers, and should an emergency occur, they will not have access to your records.

Read our Patient FAQs to learn more about GaHIN, HIEs and opting out.

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