Dominic Mack, MD, MBA – Chairman
Jeffeory White, MD – Co Chairman

Financial Sustainability
Glenn E. Pearson, FACHE – Chairman

Legal and Privacy 
Cindy Zeldin – Chairman

RHIE Users’ Group
Duane Kavka – Chairman

Ben McKeeby – Chairman

Committee Members

Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates
Richard Eells

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Richard Blate
Jonathan Bouchard
Eric Goldstein
David Waters

Emory Healthcare
Jodi Tarpinian

Dev Watson

Georgia Health Connect
Carmen Hughes

Global/Georgia Partnership for Telehealth
Rena Brewer

Tara Cramer
Joanna Walkingstick

Grady Health System
Katrine Gobert
Alisha Patel

Gwinnett Health System
Alison Anthony
Patty Lavely

HealtHIE Georgia
Neal Miller
Mark Renfro
Sheldon Tyndall

Katie Rowland
Chris Wright
Alan Wills

West Georgia Health System
Alan Whitehouse

Key Areas of Focus


  1. Develop evidence based clinical programs that will improve patient and population health outcomes in practices and hospitals connected to GaHIN.
  2. Evaluate the clinical value of current GaHIN products and services.
  3. Provide clinical perspective and thought leadership regarding proposed value added products and services development supporting GaHIN’s continued financial sustainability.
  4. Continue engagement supporting the Asthma Project.


  1. Draft technical requirements and provide feedback regarding functionality supporting proposed value added products and services.
  2. Act as credible and reliable source of health IT education for Georgia healthcare organizations, providers, patients, business leaders, and government agencies.
  3. Identify and explore the latest trends in health information technology, mHealth apps, use of HIE in other states, and more.

RHIE Users’ Group

  1. Examine health plan/payer connection to GaHIN and their access to patient health data in order to develop data use policies and guidelines.
  2. Continuously provide status updates to GaHIN regarding increasing number of connections to downstream providers.
  3. Collaborate with other committees and external resources to develop and maintain GaHIN Member Connectivity Best Practices.
  4. Evaluate proposed value added products and services to provide feedback regarding development priorities, vendor selection, and product rollout.

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